Xavier de Lignerolles


Unfortunately, a lot of concerts are cancelled due to COVID-19! (new dates soon...)

Xavier de Lignerolles will sing Les Chants de l'Amour by Gerard Grisey, at the Lille Opera, at the end of the month, with Maxime Pascal and Le Balcon Ensemble, for a video project.

A first record and many concerts with the Ensemble Tarentule in France. A lot of concerts in 2021. Also with Musicatreize Ensemble, at the Biennale of Venise, at the Chambord, Sorèze, Messiaen Festivals and in many concert halls in France...

Xavier de Lignerolles will sing the Centurion in the Berlioz's "Enfance du Christ", this summer, in the Berlioz Festival.

Some projects at the opera are coming next seasons!!!