Xavier de Lignerolles


Xavier de Lignerolles will sing at the Labeaume en Musique Festival, Déodat de Séverac Festival and also Théophanies. A record with the Ensemble Tarentule at the end of Summer, and a week of residence at the Centru Naziunale di Creazione Musicale VOCE de Pigna (Corse).

There will be concerts as soloist in the new season.

Xavier will sing Schubert's "Winterreise" with the pianist Florence de Lignerolles on novembre 28th, in Lyon, and next year, on June 13th, at the Rieux-Minervois Castle, in the Théophanies Festival.

A lot of projects with Musicatreize Ensemble, at the Philarmonie of Paris, in Lausanne, Annecy, at the Chambord, Sorèze, Messiaen Festivals...